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Want to Get Sponsors?? You Need to Ask Questions

If you want get sponsored you are gonna have to ask yourself a few questions…. What do you bring to the Table? Before you start to try and put a sponsor proposal together I believe you need to take inventory of yourself and your current racing situation and ask yourself these questions. 1. What is

1 Litre/100km Mileage Car???????

At the 42nd Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Volkswagen AG in Hamburg, the most economical car in the world is presented: the 1-litre car. The prototype, which until now has been kept closely under wraps, and which many people never believed could be built, was driven under its own power from Wolfs burg to the

Five Go Kart Racers Who Moved To Formula 1

# 1 – Michael Schumacher: The German-born driver, Michael Schumacher, has won seven World Championships, 91 successful Grand Prix races, and is the undisputed king of Formula 1 racing. With this kind of CV, it should come as no surprise that Schumacher was behind the wheel practically around the same time he started to walk.