Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah

Motor Matic Injeksi that the release of the Yamaha Indonesia Motor Matic Most fuel injection and low price today. A Yamaha Mio presence in Indonesia seemed to be the answer to what occurs in society today. World oil reserves are dwindling and the issue of global warming indirectly encourage manufacturers to create Motorcycles Motorcycles are economical but has a maximum performance.

If we ask about Motor Matic Low Prices Save Money Injection currently only Yamaha Mio A most appropriate answer. But make no mistake, although classified Matic Motorcycles are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly but Yamaha Mio J has a performance and outstanding performance, this is in accordance with its tagline “More and More and Save Money Fast … it’s Magic”

Performance and maximum performance from Yamaha Mio which is the Motor Matic J Injection Cheap Prices Save Money thanks to Yamaha tech support Mixture Jet-Fuel Injection (YMJET-FI). of the word Jet This is the initial “J” on the take. matic than that this bike is also equipped advanced technology from Yamaha as diasil cylinder, forged piston and many others. with a series of technologies that Yamaha Mio J, can improve performance by up to 30%. For Yamaha Mio J engine specifications using 4 stroke engine with 2 types of valve SOHC with a capacity of 113cc. To cool the engine Yamaha Mio J is equipped with a cooling fan. with the specifications of the Yamaha Mio J engine can generate power up to 7.75 PS at 8500 rpm rotation and a torque of 8.5 Nm at 5000 rounds no less important for you to know if you are one of the owners of Yamaha Mio J, you do not need worry about spending a long time while doing service, because no longer need to clean the carburetor because it uses injection technology. for color variants are available in 5 options as shown below.

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah – Yamaha Mio J

For those of you who like to enter the luggage into the trunk of motorcycle Yamaha Mio J this is the right choice. 8-liter luggage capacity that can accommodate more luggage. this is because the space for a smaller battery for the Mio J has been using the battery dry. In addition to its smaller dry battery is also more efficient in the treatment. other than that you do not need to refuel too often because Yamah Motor Matic Mio Is A Low Price Efficient Injection Tank with a capacity of approximately 4.8 Liter.

For the price of Mio J is available in 3 variants as follows:

of data rates over extremely obvious that Mio Yamaha Motor Matic J is Injecksi Efficient Price Cheapest in its class now. Public interest with the presence of J Yamaha Mio is quite good as evidenced by achievement that was obtained when opening the Yamaha stand at the Fair Jakarta (PRJ). from the data we collect is able to sell Yamaha motorcycles as much as 1686 from June 14 until June 25, 2012. and a more impressive 30% of the sales transaction amount is Yamaha Mio J (Source: )

For more information from the specification, the price of Yamaha Motor Matic Mio J Injection Cheap Prices Save Money you can visit the Yamaha Motor dealer or your nearest Yamaha Motor Indonesia Official Website at . but for your reference here are few reviews of teknlogi mounted on Yamaha Mio J.

Yamaha Mio Technology glimpse J Motor Matic Low Prices Save Money Injection

Mixture JET-technology Yamaha Fuel Injection (YMJET-FI).

Fuel injection technology is currently applied in the Yamaha Mio J. Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture-JET (YMJET-FI) was designed specifically for one of Yamaha Motor Matic Mio Yamaha Motor Matic J is the injection current economical Price Low-FI YMJET ini.Desain of which uses 2 valves to supply air to the combustion chamber . The second valve is working based on data that is sent ECU. ECU itself receives sensor data from sensors mounted on the vehicle. as a picture for you At low speed, there is only one drain valve open air assist passage through the water hose so that air entering the combustion chamber is less. This is done to obtain an efficient asuapan to the combustion air can be perfect.

After the design is also designed air ducts are able to be able to give the effect of turbulence for better fuel fogging. With a blend of two fruit valves are designed to YMJET-F1 is capable of improving fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions. Obviously with a maximum power. At low speed it is only one valve that will work. but when the second round of new high-valves will work. so no one else if Yamaha Mio J using Tagline “More and More and Save Money Fast … it’s Magic” and is a Motor Matic Injection Cheap Prices Save Money Today.

Forged Piston and Cylinder Diasil

You’ve heard the term Diasil Forged Piston and Cylinder. if you do not know it would not hurt you to read my little review of these two technologies from Yamaha. DiaSil itself is an acronym for Aluminum Die Silicon is a result of the integration between Alluminium metals and silicon. from a combination of two metals are able to create a good metal to dissipate heat in the cooling effect can work well other than that this metal also has a strong resistance Aus. This metal was in use to make the cyclinder at Yamaha Motor. how to make a DiASil Cylinder made with the process of Die Casting (print) rather than with the coated (coating). so in the lubrication ability is also very good.

Forged piston with a piston system is a system of making forgings (forging). That have high wear resistance compared to conventional piston, Forged Piston besides lighter weight compared to conventional piston. Equally important is the expansion temperature is higher and has a small coefficient of friction in piston ordinary appeal. Forged Piston actual technology is racing motor technology that is currently applied by Yamaha on Yamaha motorcycle in Indonesia.

Fuel Pump

This component is a very important component in the fuel system of a vehicle. Fuel Pump function of the fuel supply tank to the system model bakar.untuk material mounted on Yamaha Mio Fuel Pump A uses a low electric power consumption so as not to burden the other electrical systems. walaupu use the fuel pump low power consumption, but the ability and the pressure generated is tested.

Top Racing Games

Occasionally, gamers want to take a break from WOW, Gears of War, Halo, Call of Duty and Battlefield in order to compete with vehicles. Certainly, racing games are still “in.” And so, what are the top racing games of today’s world? In this article, we are going to give you our list of the very best auto racing video games.

5. Mario Kart 7 – Mario Kart 7 is the most recent installment to the well-known series. In this game, for the 1st time ever, you will definitely get to explore completely new possibilities like falling deep into the sea or soaring into the air. This video game includes completely new abilities, courses and also customizable karts. If your kart runs under the water, a modern propeller will pop out as a way to assist the kart move alone. Additionally, you will be able to pick your Mii to be a racer.

4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Despite the fact that there are various Need for Speed’s, most people enjoy Most Wanted, because it is more challenging. The video game really gives you something more to do than simply compete all around the track. Generally, when you play a racing game and finish, it can become tedious because you drive the very same vehicle again and again, however with this one, you may switch things up. You are able to tune your vehicle in order to obtain an advantage over your opponents.

3. Gran Turismo – GT (Gran Turismo) is perfect for pro and casual players alike. Gran offers buyable and customizable vehicles, custom shops, addons and awesome tracks.

2. Midnight Club – In Midnight Club, you can use both cars and motorcycles. It has a fantastic soundtrack and good graphics. The story line also is not that bad. It’s one of the best street racing video games out there.

1. Forza Motorsport 4 – Forza Motorsports has been around for quite awhile now and there’s no doubt that it has made its mark. Forza Motorsports 4 is one of the top Forza’s. With Forza, you can look at many of the finest cars in the virtual shop. You may also enter the cockpit. Rival mode (released in Forza Motorsport 4) will enable gamers to test their abilities against gamers on the internet. It also has Xbox 360 kinect integration.

This is our top 5 list of the best auto racing games ever produced. If you are looking for a fantastic racing video game with a great deal of action, pick one from this collection. We’ve all of them and never really lose interest of them. So, which one is your favorite?

Five Go Kart Racers Who Moved To Formula 1

# 1 – Michael Schumacher: The German-born driver, Michael Schumacher, has won seven World Championships, 91 successful Grand Prix races, and is the undisputed king of Formula 1 racing. With this kind of CV, it should come as no surprise that Schumacher was behind the wheel practically around the same time he started to walk. At the age of four, his father built his first pedal indoor go-kart with an engine. After the age of six, Michael won his first championship go-karting race. These early successes quickly led to sponsorship business, and when he was 18, Michael was both the champion of German and European go-karting. Three years later, he won the German F3 Championship and Go-Kart. Soon after, he was hired by Mercedes to drive sports cars, making his debut in Formula 1 when he was just 22.

# 2 – Ayrton Senna: – Just like Schumacher, Ayrton Senna was given his first go-kart from his father when he was only four years old. He had his first kart race at age 13 and launched first place in the competition. When he was 21, he was racing cars in the UK, and only after three years Senna made his debut in Formula 1. Over the next 10 years, he would make his mark in Formula 1, winning three world championships and 41 Grand Prix races.

# 3 – Fernando Alonso: – After winning two championships and 27 Grand Prix Races, Fernando Alonso became the youngest Formula 1 champion in history at the young age of 24. Inspired by his father, who was an amateur go-kart racer, Alonso started early by building his own go-kart when he was just three years old. At the age of seven, he participated in and won his first go-kart race. At the age of 10, Alonso had won six go-kart racing trophies. By 15, he had won the majority of the go-kart races he participated in, including a world championship. In 2000, at 19 years old, Alonso made his debut in Formula 1 racing.

# 4 – Kimi Raikkonen – Finnish Formula 1 driver, Kimi Raikkonen, might have been considered over-the-hill by the time he hopped into his first go-kart at age 10, especially compared to his companions on this list. But the racing superstar measures up all the same, when it comes to the number of races and championships won during his career. Before entering Formula 1, Raikkonen won dozens of competitions and title in Finland, Norway and Europe. With a Formula 1 championship and 18 Grand Prix wins on his list of accomplishments, it doesn’t seem like the late go-kart bloomer is planning on slowing down any time soon.

# 5 – Jenson Button – Another famous driver who got a seemingly late start on the go-kart track is Jenson Button. Receiving his first kart at the age of eight, Button made up for lost time thereafter. The British racing star, didn’t waste any time and drove to victory on his very first go-kart race. By age 17 Button became the youngest racer to win the Formula Super-A championship. BMW’s Formula 1 team signed Button not too long after his 20th birthday. As one of the youngest racers on this list he only has 1 championship and 12 Formula 1 Grand Prix wins, but there’s surely more to come. Organizations like the World Karting Association (WKA) give rise to some of the brightest stars in the world of Formula 1. With so much talent rising from the world of go karts, we are sure to see many more famous Formula 1 champions who got their start in go-karting.

Espn's 2011 Daytona Speedweeks Broadcast Schedule

ESPN presents NASCAR season at Daytona International Speedway across its multimedia platform with two weeks of comprehensive coverage of Speedweeks.

Television coverage, highlighted by a Daytona 500 origination for ESPN’s flagship program SportsCenter, an expanded schedule for ESPN2’s daily news program NASCAR Now, coverage of NASCAR Media Day on ESPNEWS, and NASCAR Nationwide Series practice and qualifying, will culminate with the NASCAR Nationwide Series 300-mile race on ESPN2 on Saturday, Feb. 19.

Other TV highlights include NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series preview shows on ESPN2, the premiere of the original film Wendell Scott: A Race Story and the airing of multiple past Daytona 500 races on ESPN Classic.

SportsCenter at Daytona airs Saturday, Feb. 19, at 4 p.m. on ESPN2, originating from the Fan Zone at Daytona International Speedway. In addition to the special program, ESPN’s reporters and analysts will appear on regular editions of SportsCenter throughout Daytona Speedweeks. Other ESPN platforms including , , ESPN Radio, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Classic and ESPN Mobile Properties also will surround the NASCAR Nationwide Series race telecast and the Daytona 500 with NASCAR-related programming and coverage.

ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC will televise 33 of the 34 NASCAR Nationwide Series races this season. ESPN also will televise the final 17 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races of the season, with three airing on ABC.

Marty Reid will be the lead announcer for the Daytona race telecast, joined in the booth for analysis by 1999 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Dale Jarrett and two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion crew chief Andy Petree. Pit reporters will be Dave Burns, Jamie Little, Dr. Jerry Punch and Vince Welch. Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion crew chief Tim Brewer will report from the ESPN Craftsman Tech Garage.

Prior to the 1:15 p.m. ET race telecast, Allen Bestwick will host NASCAR Countdown from the revamped ESPN pit studio at noon, with analysis by 1989 NASCAR Cup champion Rusty Wallace and Brad Daugherty, a team owner in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

ESPN2 also airs live coverage of NASCAR Nationwide Series qualifying on Friday, Feb. 18, at 4 p.m., as well as NASCAR Nationwide Series practice coverage on Thursday, Feb. 17, at 10 a.m.

NASCAR Now, ESPN2’s daily news and information show totally dedicated to NASCAR, originates from Daytona with one-hour episodes the week of the Daytona 500. The edition on the morning of the Feb. 20 Daytona 500 airs at 9 a.m. with Bestwick hosting and analysts Jarrett, Wallace and Ricky Craven. Another program airs that night at 8 p.m. to wrap up Daytona Speedweeks and will include an appearance by the Daytona 500 winner.

Mike Massaro and Nicole Briscoe will co-host ESPNEWS’ coverage of NASCAR Media Day on Thursday, Feb. 10, at noon, and conduct exclusive driver interviews from Daytona for the three-hour telecast. They’ll be joined for analysis by Craven.

ESPN2 airs season preview shows for both the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR Nationwide Series on Tuesday, Feb. 15, starting at 2 p.m. ESPN Classic will have an airing of ESPN’s acclaimed original movie 3, based on the life and racing career of seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Dale Earnhardt, at 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 18.


SportsCenter at Daytona — SportsCenter will present a one-hour special from Daytona International Speedway on ESPN2 at 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 19, the eve of NASCAR’s Daytona 500. Hosted by Allen Bestwick, with analysts Rusty Wallace, Ricky Craven and Brad Daugherty, SportsCenter at Daytona will preview the Great American Race with analysis, opinion, and interviews. Also contributing will be reporters Marty Smith, Nicole Briscoe and Mike Massaro.

— Extensive coverage will originate from Daytona. Award-winning motorsports journalists Ed Hinton, Terry Blount and David Newton and motorsports editors K. Lee Davis and Joe Breeze will lead the reporting team, with additional contributions from NASCAR Insider Marty Smith as well as ESPN The Magazine’s Ryan McGee. Hinton, Blount, Newton and other ESPN reporters and personalities maintain and regularly update blogs with their insights, perspectives and more within the ESPN Insider premium content section. , along with , will feature extensive video, audio and editorial coverage of the 2011 NASCAR season, as well as providing multiple ESPN Fantasy games and content distributed to other emerging platforms such as Apple’s iTunes Store and Microsoft’s X Box Live.

RaceCast, ‘s enhanced, live race-day applications features a live animated graphic display, track information, lap leaders, race leaders, driver information and live in-race chat with ESPN announcers and reporters. NASCAR fans looking for an online gathering during telecasts of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series as well as the Nationwide Series opener at Daytona now have a place to go on . Racing Live! on is a live blog where fans can engage in debate and discussion with writers and editors during the races. Fans can join ‘s NASCAR experts in dissecting every aspect of the race live at As part of ‘s integration with , veteran racing voice Mark Garrow returns as a frequent contributor this year, producing podcasts and hosting regular chats on .

— ESPN-owned is considered one of the most influential Web sites in the motorsports world. Jayski has gained a reputation for consistently breaking industry stories and serving as the ultimate resource and trackside companion for NASCAR fans. Jayski’s editorial content during Daytona Speedweeks will help NASCAR fans keep up with late-breaking news, including updating any on-track incidents and garage news. Jayski also helps NASCAR fans understand the qualifying procedure for the Daytona 500, and NASCAR’s Top 35 rule, with updates and scenarios. And Jayski’s popular paint scheme section helps fans stay abreast of the new looks for NASCAR race teams.

ESPNEWS – Coverage of NASCAR Media Day from noon – 3 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 10. Extensive reports and interviews during regular programming throughout Daytona Speed Weeks, including highlights from news conferences.

ESPN Radio – The Raceday program airs from 6 – 7 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 19, and Sunday, Feb. 20. Both programs will originate from Daytona with host Pat Patterson and include news, interviews and reports. In addition, ESPN Radio will have daily reports and interviews during other programming in the week leading up to the race.

ESPN International – ESPN International is one of the world’s leading syndicators of sports programming and its relationship with NASCAR is helping maximize coverage of NASCAR and providing a solid base of distribution. Through a combination of sales and network programming, the 38 NASCAR Sprint Cup races and 34 NASCAR Nationwide Series races are available to 112 countries and territories around the world. In addition, U.S. troops and their families serving around the world and Navy vessels at sea can watch the season through American Forces Network.

ESPN Classic – To help get NASCAR fans fired up for the opening of the season, ESPN Classic is running a marathon of NASCAR-related programming on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 18-19. Included are episodes of the ESPN Classic signature series SportsCentury featuring some of history’s greatest drivers such as Richard Petty, Tim Flock, Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart and 1967 Daytona 500 winner Mario Andretti. In addition, the lineup will include highlights of six past Daytona 500 races and the ESPN Original Movie 3.

ESPN Deportes — ESPN’s 24-hour, Spanish-language sports network in the U.S. will carry the NASCAR Nationwide Series race on a tape-delayed basis beginning at 4 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 15. ESPN Deportes’ NASCAR commentator team will feature Andres Agulla (play-by-play) and Alex Pombo (analysis). In addition to the telecast of the race, ESPN Deportes will have segments for its edition of SportsCenter.

ESPN Mobile Platforms — ESPN’s multiple mobile platforms will give fans on-the-go access to all the racing action, news and developments. ESPN Mobile TV (available on MediaFLO and MobiTV and via Sprint) will deliver news, analysis and feature video programs. ESPN MVP on Verizon Wireless will feature race highlights from NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races throughout the season, as well as all the latest news and information, columnists and in-progress race leader boards. In addition, fans can find coverage on the ESPN mobile Web site — the leading sports site on the wireless Web (and among the most-trafficked wireless Web sites in the world), with 12.4 million unique visitors a month – in a dedicated NASCAR section that includes special coverage around the biggest races, driver cards and more. Additionally, fans can access real-time results on the ESPN ScoreCenter mobile app and sign up to receive customizable alerts to follow their favorite drivers during the race.

ESPN Films — In conjunction with Emmy Award-winning NASCAR Media Group and Max Siegel Inc., ESPN Films will document the story of Wendell Scott, the only black driver to win a NASCAR race, with the first airing of Wendell Scott: A Race Story on Sunday, Feb. 20, at 9 p.m. on ESPN. The 60-minute documentary will chronicle Scott’s only NASCAR victory, at Jacksonville Speedway in 1963, and his positive impact on the sport.

ESPN’s Broadcast Schedule Of 2011 Daytona SpeedWeeks

Date Time Program Network Monday, Feb. 7 5-5:30p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Tuesday, Feb. 8 1:30-2a NASCAR Now (re-air) ESPN2 Tuesday, Feb. 8 5-5:30p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Wednesday, Feb. 9 2:30-3a NASCAR Now (re-air) ESPN2 Wednesday, Feb. 9 6-6:30p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Thursday, Feb. 10 Noon-3p NASCAR Now: Media Day Special ESPNEWS Thursday, Feb. 10 2:30-3a NASCAR Now (re-air) ESPN2 Thursday, Feb. 10 5-6p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Friday, Feb. 11 2-3a NASCAR Now (re-air) ESPN2 Friday, Feb. 11 6-6:30p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Sunday, Feb. 13 11a-noon NASCAR Now ESPN2 Monday, Feb. 14 6-7p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Tuesday, Feb. 15 Mid-1a NASCAR Now (re-air) ESPN2 Tuesday, Feb. 15 2-2:30p 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Preview ESPN2 Tuesday, Feb. 15 2:30-3p 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series Preview ESPN2 Tuesday, Feb. 15 5-6p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Tuesday, Feb. 15 8-10p 1981 Daytona 500 ESPN Classic Wednesday, Feb. 16 1:30-2:30a NASCAR Now (re-air) ESPN2 Thursday, Feb. 17 10a-noon NASCAR Nationwide Series Practice ESPN2 Friday, Feb. 18 Mid-1a NASCAR Now ESPN2 Friday, Feb. 18 7-8a SportsCentury: Mario Andretti ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 8-9a SportsCentury: Tim Flock ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 9-10a SportsCentury: Richard Petty ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 10-11a SportsCentury: Dale Earnhardt Jr. ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 11a-noon SportsCentury: Dale Earnhardt ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 Noon-2p 1976 Daytona 500 ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 2-4p 2007 Daytona 500 ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 4-6p NASCAR Nationwide Series Qualifying ESPN2 Friday, Feb. 18 4-5p SportsCentury: Tony Stewart ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 5-6p SportsCentury: Dale Earnhardt Jr. ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 6-7p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Friday, Feb. 18 6-8p 1979 Daytona 500 ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 8-11p 3 ESPN Classic Friday, Feb. 18 11p-2a 1998 Daytona 500 ESPN Classic Saturday, Feb. 19 2-4a 1999 Daytona 500 ESPN Classic Saturday, Feb. 19 4-6a 1993 Daytona 500 ESPN Classic Saturday, Feb. 19 6-7a RaceDay ESPN Radio Saturday, Feb. 19 Noon-115p NASCAR Countdown ESPN2 Saturday, Feb. 19 1:15-4p NASCAR Nationwide Series at Daytona ESPN2 Saturday, Feb. 19 4-5p SportsCenter at Daytona ESPN2 Sunday, Feb. 20 4-6a NASCAR Nationwide Series at Daytona (re-air) ESPN2 Sunday, Feb. 20 4-6a NASCAR Nationwide Series at Daytona (re-air) ESPN Deportes Sunday, Feb. 20 6-7a RaceDay ESPN Radio Sunday, Feb. 20 9-10a NASCAR Now ESPN2 Sunday, Feb. 20 8-9p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Sunday, Feb. 20 9-10p Wendell Scott: A Race Story ESPN Monday, Feb. 21 1230-1:30a Wendell Scott: A Race Story (re-air) ESPN2 Monday, Feb. 21 5-6p NASCAR Now ESPN2 Monday, Feb. 21 11p-mid Wendell Scott: A Race Story (re-air) ESPN2

ESPN’s 2011 DAYTONA SPEEDWEEKS Broadcast Schedule Satellite Television News

Interesting Facts about Scott Tucker, Kansas City Native

Scott Tucker, Kansas City local and sport car driving sensation, has an interesting story. Most of the seasoned drivers in his sport are in their 30s and he was just getting his start in his 40s. That hasn’t stopped him from taking the sport by storm and winning plenty of races, though. Scott Tucker is a typical guy from the Midwest, but his racing career is anything but typical. Here are some interesting things you should know:

-Scott Tucker started in 2006 by entering the Ferrari Challenge Series. He actually won a lot of races that season, which was almost unheard of for a rookie.

-Scott Tucker worked in business until he decided to pursue a career in racing. He has a lot of experience in business and has traveled the world for his work, but gave it all up to race.

-Scott has a wife and two kids, which he still makes plenty of time for. Even though he seems like he’s famous to many people in Kansas City, he’s still just a family man who likes to spend time with his wife and children.

-Level 5 Motorsports is the team that Scott founded in 2006 when he first started racing. He is the lead driver on the team, but has other drivers as well.

-Scott won 10 events in the 2009 Ferrari Challenge Series, which is something no other driver has done in the history of the challenge.

-‘Daytona Dream’ is a documentary about Scott, his racing team, and their third place overall win at the 24 Hours of Daytona event. This is considerably one of the biggest races in the world, and finishing 3rd with just 4 years of experience was quite monumental.

-Scott had a very successful season in 2011, racking up dozens of wins and taking home plenty of podium finishes.

Kansas City might be home to almost 500,000 residents, but it’s still a small city for the people who live there. They know who Scott Tucker is, and where he came from. They cheer for the man that is taking the sport car industry by storm and changing all the rules that he can as he goes on. This driver might be older than most, but with his skills behind the wheel, he’s definitely a racer to watch out for. Even the most seasoned drivers are losing to Tucker in many events, proving that he’s really one of those unique success stories.