Want to Get Sponsors?? You Need to Ask Questions

Want to Get Sponsors?? You Need to Ask Questions

If you want get sponsored you are gonna have to ask yourself a few questions….

What do you bring to the Table?

Before you start to try and put a sponsor proposal together I believe you need to take inventory of yourself and your current racing situation and ask yourself these questions.

1. What is my end goal? Meaning what do you want to accomplish with your sponsorship efforts? you looking to have your entire racing budget covered for the year, or are you just looking for a little help? Do you want to have your entire race car paid for or do you want just a little money to help pay for an engine?

2. What is your current budget? What monetary resources are you going to contribute? Do you have any cash? Do you have ability to get all the coomitments taken care of even if you only get a sponsor or two?

3. What is your past history with Sponsors? Were you able to bring new customers to their business as a result of your efforts? Are you willing to try?

4. Do you have the time to allocate to Getting & then Taking Care of Sponsors? This takes a lot of time to accomplish, you need to be sure and make this a priority. Some say the car is priority I say Sponsors are. Without sponsors a lot of guys don’t race.

Answer the above questions honestly, depending on the outcome of your answers you may figure out that either it’s gonna be extremely difficult for you to get sponsors or the flip side you will have a great start to putting this Sponsorship proposal in place.

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